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All the tools you need to manage your projects, rolled into one solution. Track your time, manage your projects and tasks, estimate the resources needed, make expense reports, bill your clients and get notifications from your personal-assistant bot. For IT teams: combine your kanban board and monitor the vital activity streams of your agile team.

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A simple and powerful Customer Relationship Management tool powered by AI that improves your interactions with your customers.

Optimize your supply chain and your distribution network faster than ever. Integrate with your existing cloud ERP platforms to fully grasp the power of artificial intelligence with your business bot. Get data fast by leveraging powerful computation capability that only the cloud can offer.


You get a free app made for the Google Chrome browser that allows you to capture a web page and add comments, symbols, lines, arrows, circles, or color directly to the screenshot. Add your annotated screenshot to a task in ENKITIME.

Perfect tool for the IT developers team. You can create tasks, projects, track time and make queries about the status of the project directly from your interface.

Meet Your Personal-Assistant Business Bot: ENKIBOT.

Imagine having a personal assistant working for you 24/7!


ENKIBOT learns from you and adjusts its behaviour according to your preferences and habits. Converse with your bot like you would to your colleague. Just send a text to your bot assistant to get the latest updates.


ENKIBOT keeps track of your operations in accordance with your criteria. Your bot analyzes them and alerts you when projects go off-track, allowing you to be proactive instead of reactive with your decision-making.


No need to remember all the login passwords for each of your applications when you need a report or take action. All you need is your cell phone to securely access all your cloud solutions through ENKIBOT.

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